Gluten-Free, Grain-Free, Sugar-Free Carrot Cookies

carrotsYes, I said “sugar-free.” Don’t let that scare you… these are really good!

Sometimes you just need some cookies. Soft, chewy, melt in your mouth cookies. Even when you’re sugar-free. Yes, it can still be done…it just takes a little more creativity.
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Gluten-Free Breakaway Bakery offers Online Ordering

Breakaway BakeryI just got a notice in my email announcing that Breakaway Bakery is now offering online ordering. Breakaway Bakery is located in Los Angeles, CA, and is a certified organic bakery that specializes in baked goods and breads with NO gluten, NO wheat, NO dairy, NO casein, peanuts, soy or treenuts (vegan options available).
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Gluten-Free Dining in Ithaca, NY

Gluten-Free DiningI was in Ithaca, NY, recently for a conference and had the chance to try out gluten-free dining at several restaurants. I was pretty nervous going in, since there weren’t any of my old favorite chain restaurants nearby. But I’m happy to report that I was pleased at the options available. Everyone I talked to seemed to understand gluten-free and there were already systems in place. There wasn’t a single place where we caught them by surprise and had to go into a lengthy explanation. Bravo, Ithaca!
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How Bad Are Your Gluten Reactions?

I saw an interesting article on today:

Gluten Challenge: Patients with Non-celiac Gluten Sensitivity Report More Symptoms than Those with Celiac Disease

Basically, it said that in a recent study, people with non-celiac gluten sensitivity reported more severe physical reactions to gluten than did diagnosed celiacs. However, both groups reported a wide range of psychological reactions.
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31 Day Sugar Fast – Do Try This At Home

So you may remember, way back at the beginning of May, that I was starting a 31 day sugar fast. And then life got really busy, and I never did update you on how it went.


So how did it go, you ask?

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