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Gluten-Free Dining in Ithaca, NY

I was in Ithaca, NY, recently for a conference and had the chance to try out gluten-free dining at several restaurants. I was pretty nervous going in, since there weren’t any of my old favorite chain restaurants nearby. But I’m … Continue reading

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Gluten-Free FAIL – Bru’s Room in southern Florida

As I mentioned a few days ago, I had a dining experience that I wanted to share. It’s a little long-winded, and if you just want the outcome, you can skip down to the end of this post. For those … Continue reading

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Delay of post

I’m not going to have a post for you today, sorry. This time I actually have a good reason.  Well, I think so, anyway… You see, I had an experience at a restaurant recently, and I wanted to write about … Continue reading

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More gluten-free dining choices

Eating out when gluten free just keeps getting better and better… Eating Out Gets Easier For Celiac Patients

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Gluten-Free Dining in Miami, FL – Rosa Mexicana

Type “gluten free dining Miami FL” into your favorite search engine and you’re likely to come up with a whole lotta nothing. Well, not exactly nothing, but not a lot of choices. Amazing, since Miami is kind of known for … Continue reading

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