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Gluten-Free Drugs

Image: nuchylee / Sounds a little nefarious, doesn’t it? Pssst!  Gluten-free drugs… No, this post isn’t about anything illegal.  I promise. You see, I have a cold.  A mild little summer cold, but definitely a cold.  When I’m sick, … Continue reading

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Squeaky Wheel

After my prescription adventure at Big-Name Chain Pharmacy, David sent an email to the company, describing his, um, annoyance at the events. Here is the actual response, with names changed to protect the innocent, as well as the insolent and … Continue reading

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So yesterday I got my very first prescription since going gluten free. Luckily I was pretty sure the appointment at the doctor was going to end in drugs, so I had done my research (, and knew what my gluten … Continue reading

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