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Gluten-Free No Bake Energy Bars

I’m still looking for pre and post running fuels.  Before taking up long distance running, I never realized just how important it was to eat both before and after a workout.  (Especially after a workout.  We’re talking “teenage boy hungry” here!)  … Continue reading

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Gluten-Free Pot Stickers

We made pot stickers. They were yummy! (A lot of work, but very yummy.) The wrapper recipe came from Asian Dumpling Tips, and originally used bean flour, which sounds like it worked really well. I, however, don’t do bean flour. … Continue reading

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Living Without – NOT!

I recently signed up for the free weekly recipe email from Living Without Magazine. I love the irony of the name – “living without” is how others see my life, yet most of us gluten-free types, as well as the … Continue reading

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Zucchini Triangles

These are for a potluck at work tomorrow. Yeah, great, a potluck with a ton of gluten eaters, most of whom I don’t know yet. Whoopee. Actually, I’m looking forward to it, just so I can meet more of my … Continue reading

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