Gluten-Free, Grain-Free Travel… Yes, It Is Possible!

Being glutengluten-free grain-free travel-free can mean the difference between a life of pain, illness and despair, and a life of energy, joy and happiness. No, I’m not exaggerating here… that was exactly my experience.

Every day now I wake up and am grateful that I discovered the gluten-free lifestyle. At least, I do when I’m at home…

You see, my kitchen is completely gluten-free. I know that everything in it is safe. The only gluten that comes in is that which can be found in a beer bottle. Since Mr. Awesome rarely drinks beer, it’s not even an issue. Even rarer is a container with gluten-filled leftovers from a restaurant meal, which Mr. Awesome will dispose of by taking to work the next day for lunch.

My chances of gluten cross contamination in my home are practically nonexistent. I like those odds.

But it all changes when I travel. Outside of my home, I’m no longer Queen of the Castle. My health and sanity on the road is at the mercy of strangers in kitchens where I’m not able to supervise the proceedings.

When I first went gluten-free, I pretty much gave up traveling for a couple of years. Not fun! Eventually I got braver, and more restaurants got savvy about providing gluten-free options.

And then I discovered my other food intolerances, and had to give up all grains (rice, corn, etc.) in addition to gluten.

Nowadays, eating outside of my home really gets interesting…

I’ve been traveling some lately, and my schedule for the year includes several trips that I know about, as well as a few that are likely to pop up. I’ve had to devise some strategies on how to stay healthy and happy while away from home. This is in no way a comprehensive guide and should not be taken as the last word in gluten-free, grain-free travel. But these strategies make my life easier, so I thought I would share.

Stay tuned in the next few days for my strategies on surviving gluten and grain free while away from home!

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