Coconut Mango Banana Sorbet – Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free

I gave up dairy products on Friday. Since I’m still suffering from some lingering health problems, I decided it was time to test dairy again and see if it is affecting me.

I’ve done this several times over the last few years with no results. Dairy has always been fine. But I know that things change (ahem) rice and corn (ahem) so it was time for another elimination challenge.

Basically what I was planning on doing is go off of dairy for two weeks and see how I feel. Then I would reintroduce it into my diet, and note any changes.

However, today is day 4 of being off dairy, and I’m crabby. Not just a little crabby. A lot crabby. Provoking a fight crabby. Just ask my husband, he’d be happy to point out how crabby I am. Seriously… I had been snacking on a lot of cheese, yogurt and kefir, and I miss the flavor. Plus with multiple intolerances I don’t have a lot of food options to begin with, which is getting me down. Hence the enhanced crabbiness.

And I’m also not feeling any different. I’m still puffy, stuffed up, suffering from insomnia, and covered in skin breakouts. To sum up, I feel cruddy, look cruddy, and I’m hungry. Great.

So I’m toying with the idea of going back on dairy after testing it for just a week. We’ll see. It’s definitely negotiable… If I start feeling a little better, I’ll stick it out for two weeks.

But in the meantime, ice cream always makes a person feel better. Am I right?

Here’s a recipe for a dairy-free tropical fruit sorbet that I threw together the other night. It was awesome! It’s really easy, and it made almost a quart of frozen goodness.

coconut mango banana sorbet

coconut mango banana sorbet

Coconut Mango Banana Sorbet, Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free

Combine one cup of coconut milk (full-fat, no thickening gums added) with two cups of mango puree and one mashed banana. Add honey to taste – I used about 2 Tablespoons. Mix well, and freeze in an ice cream freezer.

I served this with toasted shredded coconut sprinkled on top. Divine!

I’ve had mango on the brain lately, but mango season is finally tapering off here in southern Florida. When it’s over, I’m going try some other fruit in this recipe. I especially want to try crushed pineapple, because piña colada flavored anything is always a good idea. Always!

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2 Responses to Coconut Mango Banana Sorbet – Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free

  1. Denise Yorko says:

    Hi Li!

    I bought alll the ingredients for this today, have one question. Any time a recipe says “ice cream freezer”, I can put it in this crazy electric thing I bought that uses ice and salt? Are they all like that?

    Miss you!


    • Li says:

      Hi Denise, miss you too!

      You should be able to use your crazy electric ice cream freezer that uses ice and salt no problem. I would check the owner’s manual and see if there are any tips for making sorbets or fruit based ice creams. They have less fat content and more water in them, so it may take less time (or longer) depending on your freezer. The recipe makes about 1 quart, so again see what amount of ice cream your freezer is built for and adjust accordingly. I’m sure it will work fine.

      I use a small Donvier ice cream freezer that doesn’t require ice/salt. You keep the cylinder in the freezer, pull it out when ready to use. I’ve had it for years and made regular ice cream, frozen yogurt, and all sorts of frozen concoctions, and it works great. 🙂

      Good luck, and take care!


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