Gluten-Free Banana Flour Pasta? Coming to a Store Near You, Maybe…

Are you less than satisfied with the current gluten-free pasta offerings available at your local supermarket? If so, there may be a different pasta available soon. Check out this article about banana flour pasta!

Banana Flour Touted for Gluten-Free Pasta

Here’s a synopsis: Sometime in the future, thanks to researchers at the University of Brazil, you might be seeing gluten-free pasta made out of banana flour on your local store shelves.

gluten free banana flourResearchers have been testing flour made out of green bananas. It has a higher protein content than whole wheat flour, but requires the use of “gums” to get the right consistency. The article didn’t specify what gums were used.

Pasta made out of this flour was tested by a group of 25 celiacs and 50 non-celiacs, and was reported to have a better flavor, aroma, and overall quality than whole wheat pasta.

Personally, I got really excited when I saw this story, because I am no longer able to eat most gluten-free pastas. Rice, corn, quinoa, and other grains just do not agree with me anymore, so I’m pretty much pasta-less these days, unless I want to brave a massive stomachache just for a plate of penne. And usually, I don’t. So banana flour pasta, without any added grains, would be a welcome addition to my diet.

The down side is the whole “gum” issue. Which gums are being used? And in what quantities? In case you were wondering, Xanthan gum is derived from corn, Guar gum and locust bean gum are both bean-based, and Carrageenan gum is derived from seaweed. (Personally I try to avoid corn as much as possible but can handle it in tiny amounts. I avoid all bean products like the plague because I react violently to legumes. And I haven’t used anything with Carrageenan in ages, so I couldn’t say if I react to it or not.)

So we’ll see what comes out of this study. Don’t go looking for banana flour pasta at your grocery just yet, though. This study was just recently done, and it can take years for products to come to market. But with the ever-increasing demand for good tasting gluten-free products, this one may get fast-tracked. We can hope…

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