When it Comes to Gluten-Free, Trust Nothing

I got glutened last night. For the first time in 4 years, I unwittingly ingested gluten. And I learned that you can’t trust anything to be safe.

Gluten-free, right? Well…
I was at a wine tasting. There was also a lot of food around, but I knew enough to either stay away, or read the labels before noshing. So that wasn’t a problem.

There were also a number of beers to sample. Again, that’s a no-brainer. No thank you!
But in spite of my caution, I was zapped by a bottle of spumante.
If you’re not familiar, spumante is an Italian sparkling wine. It’s light and usually slightly sweet, and since I adore all light, sweet, fizzy wines, I love it. So when I saw a peach spumante, I tried it. And it was good. I didn’t think anything of it until later, when I was chatting with the gentleman serving at that particular table. I mentioned how much I liked the peach spumante, and he said it’s been a great favorite, it sells well, and it’s a MALT BEVERAGE.
I grabbed a bottle, and, sure enough, below the huge SPUMANTE, in small letters, it does say malt beverage.
What annoys me about this experience is that the labeling was designed to be deceptive. Spumante is gluten-free. Malt beverages are not. Yet which one was displayed proudly on the label in big letters, and which one is discretely tucked away so you won’t notice it?
Essentially the company is trying to pass off the malt beverage as a wine. And that’s just wrong.
So the moral of the story is, just because it’s something that is generally safe, read EVERY label EVERY time. ALWAYS.
(And really? Gluten added to wine? Is NOTHING sacred?)
So what do you do when you’ve been glutened?
It had been so long, I really had to dig deep to remember what I should do. Here’s what’s been working for me today:
1. Don’t panic. Not always easy, I know. But mistakes happen, and this too will pass.
2. Drink lots of water.
3. Hot tea helps, too.
4. Exercise if you feel up to it. The endorphins will help you feel better.
5. Take it easy if you can. I even indulged in a nap.
6. Eat light, easy to digest foods. Scrambled eggs never tasted so good!
7. Remember that unless you live under a rock, this will happen from time to time. Accept that fact and move on with your life.
By the way, the offensive Malt Beverage masquerading as a spumante is bottled by Verdi. They had another sparkling malt beverage at the tasting as well. I recommend staying away from all of their products.

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A writer, runner, and Gluten-Free Zealot, I've been helping others navigate the gluten-free lifestyle for many years. Life is meant to be enjoyed, and when you're gluten-free, it's even better!
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