Kinnikinnick New Soft Breads – Review

I was recently offered a free sample of Kinnikinnick’s new Soft Breads. (Remember the Toss Your Toaster campaign? This is what they were talking about.)

Have you tried these yet?

If your local stores carry them, it’s worth picking up a package. I’ve tried the hot dog and hamburger buns, and my husband had the multigrain bread.

The verdict is that yes, it tastes like gluten-laden bread. If I were served this bread in a restaurant, I would make them bring me the package to prove it was gluten-free.

What I liked about it was that it tastes good untoasted, even after being in the freezer for a while. Just thaw by microwaving it for a few seconds, and you’re good to go. I thought the flavor of the hotdog buns was pretty good, although the hamburger buns seemed a bit bland. My husband said the multigrain bread was very tasty.

What I didn’t like about it was that it doesn’t toast very well. The crust burns, and the bready part stays soft. Which I found kind of funny… I guess if you really want toast, you need to keep a different kind of bread on hand. Another thing I wasn’t crazy about was the ingredient list. True, it’s not nearly as bad as some Kinnikinnick products. A lot of the ingredients, like rice flour and potato starch, are ones you might find in any gluten-free kitchen. But three different types of cellulose? Just how much wood pulp do you really need in bread, anyway?

The final verdict is we’ll probably keep a loaf of this in the freezer for those rare times my husband is just dying for a sandwich. I had a bad reaction to the potato starch, so I won’t be eating any more of it. But my hubby really enjoyed it.

I’ve checked a few stores in my area, but haven’t found the new breads anyplace yet. They may be available where you live by now. If not, you can order them directly from Kinnikinnick.

By the way, other than the free sample, I received no compensation for this review.

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