Product Review – Gluten-Free Pumpkin Spice Donuts by Kinnikinnick

photo by Kinnikinnick

Note: Kinnikinnick sent me a free sample of their Pumpkin Spice donuts to review, but I am not being paid for the review itself. This is my own opinion.

So what do you do when you are sugar-free and grain-free, and someone offers you a free sample of their rice and sugar containing gluten-free donuts?

You smile and say, “Yes, please, thank you very much!”

At least, that’s what I did. Yeah, that’s right, sugar is my Kryptonite…

I’ve tried Kinnikinnick donuts before. You can read my review of the blueberry and vanilla donuts here.  They were okay, but personally I felt they weren’t nearly as good as the ones I make.

However, these are pumpkin spice donuts (seasonally available until November 30) and therefore, worth trying. Pumpkin…plus spice…I’m sure you understand my logic.

Long story short, the pumpkin spice donuts are really, really good.  They have a hint of pumpkin, a lot of nutmeg, and frankly, taste a lot like my recipe. Not too sweet, with a nice cakey texture. David thought they had a slight aftertaste, but I couldn’t detect one.

Taste-wise, I would recommend them.  Ingredient-wise, I have the same complaint I always do about Kinnikinnick: the ingredient list looks like it was produced in a science lab and not a kitchen. But otherwise, these are good! Go grab yourself a box, warm them slightly in the microwave, and enjoy with a glass of milk.

Just remember, these are only available until November 30. (Although my opinion is that these are the best donuts Kinnikinnick makes, and should be available all year. I’m just sayin…)

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