Gluten-Free, Grain-Free Travel

For the next 3 1/2 days, I’m going to be at a conference. I’m not going to be away from home, but I might as well be. Basically I have sessions from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm, with a few short breaks for meals. I won’t have a car, so there’s no running home for lunch or dinner. I’ll be at the mercy of the host hotel and the surrounding restaurants.

In the past, I had worked out a system for travelling gluten-free. I just packed some safe snacks and some shelf-stable baked goods, and it all worked out okay.

But now that I’ve gone grain-free as well, the baked goods are not an option. And neither is going back on grains for half a week. Trust me, my body prefers that I never eat rice or corn again. Plus I’ve been having some inflammation issue with various foods that I’m trying to work out. So right now, if it’s not meat, dairy, or a small selection of vegetables, I’m not eating it.

Great. Now what?

Here’s what I’ve come up with:

Bacon. Lots of it. I cooked up a package, and will have some in a plastic bag in my purse. You know, for bacon emergencies.  Seriously, bacon keeps well at room temperature and is filling, so if I run out of food options, it will keep me alive and satiated until I get home for the night.
Cheese sticks. Prepackaged goodness. Okay at room temperature for quite a while, although I’ll probably want to eat them by lunch time. Easy.

Nuts. I’m actually experimenting with not eating any nuts right now, but I do have some toasted pecans at home that I can grab. I may resort to them in a few days.

Egg muffins. Or mini crustless quiches, whatever you want to call them. I probably won’t take these with me, but they’ll be easy to grab from the fridge and eat on my way out the door in the morning.

Beef jerky. Okay, I actually don’t have any on hand right now. I wish I had taken the time to make some over the weekend, but I didn’t.  My loss. But it would have been a good thing to bring.

Any sort of grain-free baked item. Yeah, I don’t have this either. It’s not that I didn’t want to, but right now my body is still out of whack, and I didn’t want to burden it with a bunch of experimental coconut flour and nut flour foods. Maybe next time.

So that’s how I’m going to survive the next few days. Hopefully the burger joint that’s across the street from the conference will be gluten-free friendly, and my planning will just have been a useful exercise. But even if it isn’t, and I can’t find any other quick, safe food nearby, I know that I’ll be able to last through the next few days without passing out from hunger.

Do you have any gluten-free and grain-free tricks for surviving long periods away from your kitchen?

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A writer, runner, and Gluten-Free Zealot, I've been helping others navigate the gluten-free lifestyle for many years. Life is meant to be enjoyed, and when you're gluten-free, it's even better!
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