Gorton’s Seafood Now Has Gluten-Free Grilled Fish

In case you haven’t seen this, Gorton’s Seafood (yes, the fishstick people) has announced that its grilled fish products are now gluten-free.  (You can read the press release here.)  If you look for these in the store, please note that some of the old packages may still be lurking in the freezer section.  Make sure you only buy the ones that say “GLUTEN FREE” on them, like the image below.

Gorton’s also giving away 100 subscriptions to Living Without magazine.  Click here to register for a chance to win.

I’m not planning on trying these, simply because I already know how to cook fish, and can make it a lot cheaper myself.  Plus, did you see all the extra stuff they add to their fish?  Sheesh… 

I’m curious though, is anyone else going to try these out?  Please let me know in the comments below.

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