Gluten-Free Food at Food Banks and Emergency Shelters

I ran across an interesting article about the lack of gluten-free food available at food banks.

Food Banks Struggle to Keep Gluten-Free Items in Stock

I’ve heard this is also a problem for emergency shelters, like the ones set up for hurricane, tornado and flood victims.

Part of me wants to see gluten-free cereals, pastas and breads available at these facilities.  After all, it’s a medical condition, not a fad diet.  It’s also widespread, and affecting more and more people each day.

Part of me wants them to cut out all the junky, processed foods and just provide real food.  Beans and rice are gluten-free and economical.  Vegetables and meats are nutritious and fairly cheap (though highly perishable when fresh). No one should eat highly processed bread or cereal ever, no matter if it’s wheat-filled or gluten-free.

ALL of me is grateful every minute of every day that I am not in a position to need to use either a food bank or an emergency shelter, and my heart goes out to everyone that is in need of these services.

What are your thoughts? Please let me know in the comments section below.

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