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Today, I’d like to spread a little link love to a blog I recently discovered: Fast Paleo by Kristin and James.

Fast Paleo is chock-full of paleo-friendly recipes, all of which happen to be gluten free.  Awesome!  After all, when you give up grains, that means the gluten ones too.  Everything is also soy-free. In fact, legumes are not part of the paleo lifestyle, so no beans whatsoever.  And that works for me as well, since I can’t eat legumes, anyhow.  (No wonder I’m drawn to this lifestyle!)

I’ve spent a lot of time there wandering through the recipes lately.  Since adopting the Primal Blueprint lifestyle, I’ve had to change my eating habits somewhat, and the recipes on the site have been great for inspiration.  Fast Paleo has a great selection of dishes, ranging from entrees, side dishes, smoothies, desserts, and many others.  Most don’t call for exotic ingredients (well, compared to the average gluten-free recipe), are fairly simple and totally delicious.

Okay, if you’re vegan, you may not find a lot there.  But for the vegetarians, there are quite a few vegetable dishes, and several things (like stuffed bell peppers) that could easily be made veg-friendly.  And if you are an omnivore, you’ll find a lot to make your mouth water.

Finally, let me leave you with one last thought about Fast Paleo – bacon.  That is all.

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