Gluten-Free Kellogg’s Rice Krispies

I mentioned a few days ago that my local neighborhood grocery store didn’t yet carry the new GF Rice Krispies.  Since then I read that they were appearing in other parts of the country.  In fact, another gluten-free blogger actually offered to send me a box if they weren’t available here yet.  (Awww…that’s so sweet!)

So I made it my mission over the weekend to find me some GF Rice Krispies here in southern Florida.  Being the good inter-web researcher that I am, I of course went to the Kellogg website and used their product finder, to tell me where I should start looking.

Well, according to their site, they are not distributing them anywhere in the area yet.  Crud!  Now what?

Enter Plan B.  Time to contact the company directly.  After all, I’m a gluten-free blogger, and I would like to spread the word about a new gluten-free product.  So why not ask for a sample?  I had intended to do this a while back, but just never got around to it.  I guess crispy rice cereal just isn’t a huge priority in my life right now…

Anyhow, I sent off an email, politely explaining that I wrote about gluten-free food, and that according to their own website, I was unable to buy the product locally, so would they please consider sending me a sample?

In short order, I received a polite reply, telling me to just wait for them to appear on the shelves of my local store in the next few months.

How’s that for customer service?

Seriously, Kellogg?  When Betty Crocker released their new Gluten-Free cake and cookie mixes, they gave me (and anyone else who wanted one) a coupon for a free box.  By the way, note that I said mixes, not mix.  As in plural.  As in more than one option available.  As in, Kellogg, why are you so high and mighty about one stinkin’ box of one stinkin’ cereal that never should have been made with gluten to begin with? 

I mean, hello, it’s RICE krispies, not GLUTEN krispies…

And while I’m at it, you can…

um…I uh…oh…wait a minute…

ah…sorry. Please excuse the rant. I didn’t get to run this morning, and I’m having endorphin withdrawal.

So, um, where was I?  Oh, yeah…

GF Rice Krispies.  I went out and found them all by myself (no thanks to the Kellogg corporation).  They taste like, well, Rice Krispies.  It’s been many years since I’ve purchased the original product, and even then it was just to slather them with melted butter and marshmallows and call them cookies, but…to me, these tasted like Rice Krispies.  I tried them plain, and I tried them with milk, and they are definitely Rice Krispies.

And yes, they still snap, crackle and pop.  So much so that they nearly drove one of my cats bonkers.  Evidently he didn’t believe that food should make that much noise, unless it was still alive.  And if it was alive, he wanted a chance to bring it down…

The one difference that both the hubby and I noticed was that these are heartier than the original product.  They are made out of brown rice, and are just a tad bit more substantial than the others.  And when they are saturated with milk, as Rice Krispies are wont to become, they have a slightly chewier texture than what I remember.  But I like it.  I always found the original Rice Krispies to be too airy and insubstantial for my taste.

Basically, both David and I agreed that they taste just like Rice Krispies for all intents and purposes, and would be awesome smothered with melted butter and marshmallows.  We will buy them again, but not as a regular cereal staple in our pantry.  These will be an occasional visitor in our house, and mainly used to make sticky, sugary, crunchy, cookie-like treats.

As for the administrative details, I found my box at a Super Walmart, of course.  I haven’t checked to see if some of the other large stores in the area have them yet, but they may.  I paid $3.12 for a 12 oz box, and I have no idea if that is more or less than the original product, because they were on the bottom shelf and there were no prices marked there (as is typical in my local store).  Amazon sells GF Rice Krispies for $15.90 for a 4 pack or $13.52 if you sign up for subscribe and save. So Walmart’s price per box was better, but Amazon will ship them right to your door and let you skip the trip to Walmart.  That alone is usually worth the money…

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