Gluten-Free Coconut Ice Cream

So I’ve been dabbling in the paleo lifestyle lately.  It makes sense to me, because the paleo diet is naturally gluten free, and it also matches up to most (but not all) of my food intolerances. I enjoy rice a little too much to ever go 100% paleo, but oh well.  No one is perfect.

I also differ a bit from traditional paleo thinking.  It goes something like this: from an evolutionary standpoint, humans stopped evolving millions of years ago, before we domesticated grains and started eating dairy.  I think there’s a certain truth to that; however, it doesn’t account for natural selection, which can take only a few generations to occur.  Since humans have been farming and domesticating animals for some 10,000 years or so, I think it’s possible that my system has already adjusted and a little rice or buckwheat here and a little milk there isn’t going to kill me.  And frankly, any food that doesn’t cause a reaction is fair game in my book.

One place I spend a lot of time these days is Mark’s Daily Apple.  Mark’s approach, which he calls the Primal Blueprint, allows for an 80%/20% mix.  For instance, if I eat Primal (paleo) 80% of the time, the other 20% can be a little looser.  I’ll take my 20% in cheese and rice, please…

Below is a recipe from Mark Sisson’s book, The Primal Blueprint Cookbook, which is an excellent source of ideas for a more paleo friendly diet.  I have to admit, I mainly went looking for paleo dessert ideas.  There’s an oxymoron for you: paleo dessert!  Cavemen evidently didn’t eat much refined sugar… Anyhow, I’m trying to cut way back on my sugar intake, while occasionally indulging my sweet tooth.  This ice cream fits the bill.  Creamy, sweet to the point of decadence, and totally sinful.  Love it!  For the record, David thought it was too creamy.  He preferred the lighter, ice-milk style ice cream that we normally make.  But if you love a good premium frozen dessert, you’ll like this. 

Gluten-Free Coconut Ice Cream

1 can coconut milk (I used Goya)
1 egg
1/4 cup (or less) honey or maple syrup – I used the full 1/4 cup of honey, but next time I’ll cut it back

In a bowl, beat the egg until light and frothy.  Add the coconut milk and honey, and mix well.  Pour into an ice cream freezer and freeze according to the manurfacturer’s directions.

Makes approx. 1 pint.  It has just a hint of coconut flavor, and when topped with toasted pecans, it’s so good you’ll wish you’d made more.

Wait a minute…don’t you cook the egg?????  Um, no, you don’t.  It’s okay.  I’ve been eating raw eggs since Nixon was in office, and haven’t had any problems yet.  But if you are really grossed out by this, here are some options:

  • Use pasturized eggs.  No risk of salmonella there.
  • Use something like Egg Beaters, which will also be pasturized.
  • Leave it out!  We make ice cream all the time with skim milk, half & half, sugar and vanilla.  It tastes fine.

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