And now for something completely different…

For the past several years, I’ve been blogging about gluten-free life as the mood hit me.  For the most part, it’s all worked out okay.  But there are going to be some changes around here.
Don’t worry, this blog will remain gluten free.  I mean, really, why wouldn’t it?

No, what I’m talking about is a schedule.  I know, I know…what a novel idea…planning ahead, and all… 

In May, I participated in the Word Count Blogathon.  You can read more about it at my other blog, Simply Nooner.  During the month, I wrote articles daily.  I thought it would end up being a chore, but it wasn’t.  It was actually pretty fun.  So I’m going to keep it up.

Starting this week, Li Loves David will publish articles about gluten-free life on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  And maybe occasionally on the weekends…if something interesting comes up that just can’t wait.  You can expect to see more restaurant reviews, product reviews, pertinent news articles, and the occasional recipe.

Also starting this week, I’ll be publishing articles three days a week on Simply Nooner.  Mondays will be about writing or other creative endeavors; Wednesdays will showcase running or fitness topics, and Fridays will be about gluten-free life.  Feel free to check it out!

About Li

A writer, runner, and Gluten-Free Zealot, I've been helping others navigate the gluten-free lifestyle for many years. Life is meant to be enjoyed, and when you're gluten-free, it's even better!
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