Heartland Gluten Free Pasta

Just had to share:

The other day I found Heartland Gluten Free Spaghetti while cruising the aisles at my local WalMart.  Normally I stick with Tinkyada or DeBoles gluten free pasta, and I stay away from spaghetti, no matter what the brand.  It just doesn’t seem to hold together. But on a whim, I decided to pick up a package.

This stuff is good.  Really good!  Both David and I agreed that if served this spaghetti someplace else, we might think it wasn’t gluten free.  And it cooked up well, too.  My experience with gluten-free spaghetti is that it starts to fall to pieces just about when it’s done cooking.  Not this stuff.

According to the Heartland website, they currently make 3 different gluten-free pastas: spaghetti, fusilli, and penne.  I recommend picking up a package if you see them in your local grocery store.  I will definitely be buying more.

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