Gluten-Free Dining: Pizza at Mellow Mushroom

OMG, knitters and crocheters are smart! 

I was hanging out in the forums on Ravelry, my favorite place for yarn porn, when I spied a post about gluten-free pizza.  I know, right?  Who knew yarnies were so into food, and gluten-free food, at that?  Anyhow, I didn’t pay much attention at first, since David and I make a killer gluten-free pizza at home.  But then I noticed a name:  Mellow Mushroom.  And I thought, “Isn’t that the funky place just down the road that we’ve always wanted to try, but thought we couldn’t?” 

A bit of Google-Fu later, and I had verified that yes, it was the place we drive by all the time, and yes, they have gluten-free pizza.  Hey, wait a minute.  They have gluten-free pizza!  We decided to check it out.  Even though we are blessed with a couple of great gluten-free pizza crust recipes, I have to admit that it was a lot of fun to go out to a pizzeria.

Now, they don’t have the largest selection.  You can order a medium only, and the crust is made by Still Riding Pizza, who supplies a lot of restaurants, so it may taste vaguely familiar, if you’ve eaten gluten-free pizza at a restaurant recently.  The list of toppings available wasn’t super extensive.  You don’t get to try any of the funky creations on the menu, like the Kosmic Karma or the Magical Mystery Tour.

But you know what?  It was fun.  They had Redbridge, and they had pepperoni, and I didn’t have to clean up after.  The atmosphere of the restaurant is trippy, and definitely worth a visit.  And you can thank my yarn friends for the tip!

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