Christmas Traditions

I’m not doing it this year. Christmas. “Bah humbug” doesn’t even begin to express how I feel this December. To those of you who normally receive seasonal greetings from me, I just want to let you know that they aren’t coming. And to everyone who sent me something seasonal and cheery, let me say thank you. I haven’t read it. I might read it in a month or two. I might not ever read it. David read it, though, just so you know. Please believe me when I say I am glad you are all having a wonderful time. For realsies! My dark cloud should in no way diminish your joy of the season.

Thanks to David, we did put up our normal decorations. But that’s it. No gift exchange, no anticipation, no sneaking candy canes off of the tree.

Today is just another day.

Except for the food. Okay, in spite of my personal slump, food still speaks to me. We just finished making (and devouring) the Christmas donuts. No photos this year, sorry. Thanks to this event, we own no cameras at the moment. But the donuts are here. Trust me.

In lieu of a more personal greeting: Happy Holidays and best wishes to everyone!

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