Gluten Free BBQ in Boynton Beach

I have a recurring fantasy where I go to a restaurant, order take-out food, go home and eat it. That’s it. Really, sometimes it’s all I want. And usually, because of my gluten intolerance combined with various and sundry other food intolerances, it’s just a fantasy.

But two days ago, it actually happened.

We went to Orlando a couple of months ago, and while researching safe places to eat, David discovered Shane’s Rib Shack. One of the things that impressed me immediately was the huge “Gluten Free Menu” link on the home page of their website. We didn’t have a chance to eat there on that trip, but we did discover there’s a location right down the road from us in Boynton Beach, FL. So on Saturday, we decided to finally try it out.

It’s one of those not-quite fast food places where you order at a counter and then sit down. We had a DVD waiting at home, however, so we got our food to go. Our server, Jill, got us a gluten free menu, notified the kitchen of the impending gluten free order, and just generally made us feel safe in our choices. We got the pulled pork and beef brisket and an assortment of gluten free sides, and were suitably impressed. It was (for dining out) reasonably economical, and pretty tasty. I definitely plan to go back. Only next time, I’ll ask for extra sauce on the side…

And amazingly, I didn’t have a reaction to the tomato (nightshade) based BBQ sauce. Interesting.

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