More gluten-free beer?

What, there’s more?

David found this nifty video that is very similar to how he made his (our) gluten-free beer. It’s actually a gluten beer in the video, but the process is similar. So here it is, in case you are interested in seeing all the action.

Beer Making Video

Also, I have been informed that bleach can be used as a sanitizer in beermaking. However, it is not recommended, because it must be thoroughly rinsed out to remove all residue before you can proceed.

In other beer news, the gluten-free bucket o’ beer in the tub has been racked into a glass carboy for a secondary fermentation. So now we have two large glass containers of fermenting alcoholic beverages in our guest bathroom. Just thought you would want to know.

And don’t forget, when you bottle your beer, you will want to label it. Noontime Labels will be happy to help you with that!

Noontime Labels

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