Before you brew gluten-free beer…

Gluten-free beer is easy to brew at home. It’s pretty much the same as regular, gluten-filled beer. Yeast, hops, malt, and water. Mix, ferment, bottle, ferment a little more, that’s it. It takes less than 4 weeks from the time one thinks, “hey, why don’t I…” to when one says, “oh, that’s good stuff!”

If you can boil water, you can make beer at home. Really.

But there are a lot of little nuances that one should know about before embarking on a brewing adventure. No matter what type of beer you are making, there are a few universal principles to follow. As in many aspects of life, some time spent in preparation will greatly increase one’s chances of success.

Here are a few resources that my own personal Brewmaster (David) recommends:

How to Brew by John Palmer

Brew Your Own Magazine

Winemaking Home Page by Jack Keller

Winemaker Magazine

Aussie Home Brewer Forum

Beermaking Discussion on WinePress.US Forum

Brewers Roundtable Homebrew Forum

Brews Brothers Forum

Also, check your local area for home brew clubs, home brewing supply stores, U-Vint wine shops, and the like. There are people out there who are passionate about home brewing, with a wealth of information that they are just dying to share with you.

Coming soon: Everything you need to know about brewing Gluten-Free Beer, aka: The Recipe!

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A writer, runner, and Gluten-Free Zealot, I've been helping others navigate the gluten-free lifestyle for many years. Life is meant to be enjoyed, and when you're gluten-free, it's even better!
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