Nothing new here, how about you?

Nothing going on here. I know, it’s already 10 days into 2009, haven’t I finished all of my Gluten-Free Resolutions? Multiple times?

Yeah, right.

I haven’t even been cooking. I’ve been on another elimination diet, trying to find out what’s been bothering me (on and off, mostly on) for the last six to eight weeks. I have three suspected foods: dairy, corn and eggs. Why them? Well, so many people have problems with one or more of those three foods, they are always my first suspects. Also, I eat alarming quantities of them, since they are among the twenty (or so) foods that I didn’t react to during my initial elimination diet.

The good news is that I tested corn yesterday, and I have absolutely no symptoms today. Yay! On to dairy. Then eggs. Wish me luck…

The other thing I suspect is that I’ve been encountering some contaminated rice flour. I’ve used Goya brand rice flour for a couple of years now, because I like the texture, it’s readily available, and it’s cheap ($1.26 a pound at Walmart). It also says clearly on the package that it might contain wheat or soy, which is a fairly common CYA statement. Since I started using it, way back when, I’ve encountered one bag that I’m pretty certain contained soy (based upon my reaction to it). I’ve never had a gluten reaction to the flour, including now. My gluten reactions are very specific, severe, and 3 days long. But soy, well, yeah, this could be soy again. I’ve been through several bags of flour since the beginning of November, and I’ve had a fairly steady downhill spiral of symptoms, all of which could be soy related.

So I have a new resolution: No more cheap flour. I’m switching to Bob’s Red Mill Organic White Rice Flour, somewhat readily available at, and it comes out to about $2.83 a pound, when purchased in large enough quantities to qualify for super saver shipping. (Ugh.) But regardless of how the elimination diet turns out, I’m not playing Roulette with my flour any more. I’m just going to cut way back on my baking.

I guess that’s something to report, right?

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A writer, runner, and Gluten-Free Zealot, I've been helping others navigate the gluten-free lifestyle for many years. Life is meant to be enjoyed, and when you're gluten-free, it's even better!
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3 Responses to Nothing new here, how about you?

  1. P. says:

    I’m SOOOO sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with something else. It’s a pretty frustrating feeling, watching food choices dwindle as time passes.

    Good luck with it, and post when you know?

  2. mjennings26 says:

    Hi Li,
    It’s so depressing when the world can’t cooperate with our need for gluten-free food. I’m really annoyed by the fact that some things are just contaminated and it’s beyond my control. Isn’t this whole thing hard enough without having to worry about gluten dust in my bean flour?! Ah, well. Today I’ll try to do better with acceptance and going with the flow, as they say.

  3. Li loves David says:

    P. & Mjennings, thanks for the support!

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