Living Without – NOT!

I recently signed up for the free weekly recipe email from Living Without Magazine. I love the irony of the name – “living without” is how others see my life, yet most of us gluten-free types, as well as the magazine itself, know that our lives are anything but “living without”. Oh wait, maybe they mean “living without” nasty processed junk food, or foods laden with unpronounceable preservatives and chemicals and additives. Now, that’s the type of “living without” that I can get behind.

But I’m not living without my sugary treats. Goodness, I have a sweet tooth! And I had leftover homemade cranberry sauce in the fridge, as well as an extra can of pumpkin in the pantry. So when this recipe arrived in my email inbox, it seemed like destiny. I knew it would be mine…

I normally would just post a link to the recipe, and call it done. But this stuff is too good to risk the magazine taking it offline someday. So I’ve copied it here, as well as provided a link. And if you want to get your own recipes delivered weekly to your email inbox, follow this link and sign up.

Pumpkin Cranberry Bread
Gluten-Free Pumpkin Cranberry Bread
from Living Without Magazine
recipe by Rebecca Reilly
Makes 1 Loaf or 12 Muffins


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A writer, runner, and Gluten-Free Zealot, I've been helping others navigate the gluten-free lifestyle for many years. Life is meant to be enjoyed, and when you're gluten-free, it's even better!
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3 Responses to Living Without – NOT!

  1. P. says:

    I used to love that magazine, when I lived in the States. Had forgotten all about it until you mentioned it. I, too, love the name, and was surprised when some readers wrote letters saying that the name was rubbish, and should be changed, etc. I guessed they missed the irony of it?

    Anyway, the recipe looks good, and thanks for the link to sign up!!

  2. Li loves David says:

    That’s funny about the name, some people are so literal. Oh well, I know I’m living without (gluten, soy, etc), yet not living without (taste, joy, etc) so I like it. I’m thinking about subscribing to the mag, but haven’t done it yet. I like to support anything dedicated to helping people with allergies/intolerances.

    This bread (cake) is really good, I think it’s all I ate today until the evening…

  3. Lynn Barry says:

    I agree…for me living without means living a better quality of life…living without many food items means living without headaches, skin rashes, depression, stomach and bowel problems…I will gladly live without so I can live without so many problems…HUGS

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