OT – Kayaking

We played hooky on Wednesday and went rented kayaks at a local state park. Weenie that I am, I was worried about the weather. It was sunny and unseasonably cool (high of only 73 degrees), but it turned out to be perfect! Here are some highlights.

Li Li paddling.

LiMore of Li paddling (well, floating). We have lots of photos of each other’s backs, and our own shoes.

DavidDavid paddling.


Li hamming it up for the camera.

Rocky Raccoon

Rocky Raccoon.

Us: Hi, Mr. Raccoon!

Rocky: Hello. My name is Rocky. Might you humans have any food with you?

Us: Ooh, you’re so cute, Mr. Raccoon!

Rocky: Please, call me Rocky. Do you happen to have any food?

Us: Look, he’s coming down to the water!

Rocky: I believe you might have some food with you. Humans usually do. Would you please check?

Us: How precious!

Rocky: Really, check your bag. There’s bound to be food in it.

Us: That’s going to be a good picture!

Rocky: Are you sure you don’t have any food? Maybe you didn’t look hard enough. Here, come closer. I’d be happy to help you check.

Us: Wow, I bet if we got any closer, he’d hop right into the boat.

Rocky: No, really, it’s no trouble. I’ll look for food in your bag. Just a little closer… You’re almost there…

Us: Um, maybe we’d better back off…he really looks like he’ll hop into the kayak.

Rocky: Wait, are you sure you want to leave? It will just take me a moment to check you for food…

Us: ‘Bye, Mr. Raccoon!

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  1. Lynn Barry says:

    what a whimsically wonderful entry…I enjoyed it very much. HUGS

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