Gluten-Free Goes Mainstream

This is huge.

Yesterday at the local Super Walmart, David spied a new display of baking mixes. Gluten-Free baking mixes. Almost an entire shelving unit, dedicated to gluten-free products. Bob’s Red Mill Brownie Mix, Pancake Mix, and All Purpose Baking Flour. Xanthan gum and sorghum flour. An entire shelf of Kinnikinnick mixes. (I didn’t know they had mixes!)
The prices were about what Whole Foods charges, but who knows, that may go down. The important thing is that more gluten-free options are available in more places now. Finally, a little more convenience for the gluten-free lifestyle!

By the way, I have also seen a small selection of gluten-free flours and mixes at the local Super Target, and a couple of the larger Publix grocery stores in my area. It’s always worth taking a look.

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A writer, runner, and Gluten-Free Zealot, I've been helping others navigate the gluten-free lifestyle for many years. Life is meant to be enjoyed, and when you're gluten-free, it's even better!
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7 Responses to Gluten-Free Goes Mainstream

  1. Tenille says:

    Ooooh! Not at our Wal-Mart yet, but maybe soon?

    Our local stores have a habit of doing things like ordering 5 kinds of chocolate chip cookie mixes, but no cereal, for example. Do you ever see that?

  2. Li loves David says:

    Yes! I wonder if it’s because someone requests something specific. Who knows?

    Our Walmart doesn’t have a lot yet, but it does carry 2 types of DeBoles gluten-free pasta, and now the selection of flours and mixes. And of course, all the Great Value brand stuff (like rice, lol) that’s labeled Gluten Free. It’s a start!

  3. Dana says:

    I love Wal-Mart. I tried some Quinoa/Corn pasta last night and it was yummy…better than the rice pasta. Have you tried that? Can you eat corn? I think the Gluten-Free idea is becoming more mainstream because of the suspected autism relation to gluten.

  4. Li loves David says:

    Dana, I can eat corn, but not quinoa. Too bad, I love the stuff!

    I think people are just more aware of gluten intolerance and allergies in general. There are so many people who, for whatever reason, just feel better not eating gluten (or other things). It’s great that more people are becoming aware of the fact that they really are what they eat!

  5. Lynn Barry says:

    AWESOME! Thanks I will check the one I go out…HUGS

  6. PG says:

    I know we have good stuff here in the UK, but I miss my good old SuperWalmart. I used to love going into a store and doing everything (from getting the oil changed in my car, or new tires put on, to food shopping) under one roof. Mine carried the AMy’s brand frozen meals, too, such as the GF/DF enchiladas.

    Good for them for getting into the swing of things with more GF items. Yes, I remember when they started labelling rice as GF. Duh.

    Although, I recenty bought a bag of dried beans here, black beans to be exact, got them home, about to open them and soak them, and saw on the packet that they had gluten. Something in the processing, they said . . . Guess it serves as a reminder to us all.

  7. Li loves David says:

    Lynne – let me know what you find! Hugs back!

    PG – black beans with gluten added? Is nothing sacred? Yeah, I wouldn’t have looked at that one before buying, either. Sheesh.

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