What’s for Dinner?


It’s rarely below 80 degrees here, and when it is, I want soup. Steamy, hearty, cook all day soup. Oh wait, I was at work all day. Okay, well, this is the next best thing. I’ve started calling this Sopa de la Casa, which sounds better than House Soup, which sounds better than Refrigerator Soup, which sounds better than Leftover Soup. Which is what David calls it.

This is more of a method than a recipe. The ingredients are different each time, and yes, there’s usually at least one leftover that ends up in the pot. Here’s what I did tonight: Brown 1 pound of ground beef. Drain, and set aside. Saute whatever vegetables you have (yellow squash, onion, garlic here) until brown and delectable. Put the beef back in, cover with water, toss in the leftover butternut squash residing in the fridge, add any seasonings desired (I used oregano, basil, and salt), and simmer for a while. About 30 minutes, give or take. Serve over rice (shown) or with gluten free crackers or toast.

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  1. Lynn Barry says:

    This looks an sounds delicious! Thanks! HUGS

  2. Lynn Barry says:

    This looks an sounds delicious! Thanks! HUGS

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