Coupon for Whole Foods, Good Through 10/22/08

I just got an email about this:

According to Nancy Lapid at the Celiac Disease Blog and the Celiac Disease Foundation, you can get a coupon for $5.00 off a $25.00 (or more) purchase at Whole Foods. Or Whole Paycheck, as it is known around my house.

Click here for the coupon.

Whole Foods has a large selection of gluten-free products, and is a frequent stop now that it’s on my way home from work. In fact, I just dropped about $25 there on Wednesday, the first day of the promotion. Too bad I didn’t know about the coupon. I’m going to print one off and head back on Monday to stock up on more Tinkyada pasta and Food For Life rice tortillas. And 365 Brand soy-free tuna.

Of course, the coupon is good for any purchase, as long as it is over $25.00. Not hard to do there. The only restriction is you can only redeem one coupon per day. Oh, and that it is only valid through Wednesday, October 22, 2008.

Thank you, Nancy and CDF, for the info!

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