Tropical Punch

We lucked out with Fay. Gustav missed us by a mile. Hanna is hitting elsewhere, just dumping rain on us as she passes by. Ike, however, looks like he could come straight at us. Josephine is still out there, too soon to tell for sure. And it’s only the beginning of September.

Feels like 2005 all over again! The 2005 storm season was my first summer here, and I didn’t yet know what was wrong with me, so I stocked up on ramen noodles, like everyone else. The 2006 and 2007 storm seasons fizzled. But 2008 seems serious again. So how is disaster planning different when you’re gluten-free?

Well, as far as I can tell, it’s really not much different.

Survival during a hurricane isn’t the issue; after the storm is what you’re worried about. Quick fact: according to the Weather Channel, few people lose their lives during the storm. Almost all fatalities are caused by flooding after the storm. (Hmm, better stay inside!)

The basics of clean water, batteries, and battening down the hatches remain the same, gluten-free or not. This season we have a camp stove in addition to a grill, so once things calm down, we’ll be eating about the same as usual. That should increase our comfort level considerably.

The food is a little different this time around due to my intolerances, but we’re still stocking up on semi-healthy non-perishable foods. Canned fruit, veggies, tuna, rice cakes, Thai Kitchen entrees. Things that will tide us over just in case the power stays out for over a week. No ramen noodles for me, though. I’ll be eating DeBoles Gluten-Free Penne, available at my local Walmart.

I’ll also be baking over the weekend, making cookies, cornbread, Irish (Mexican-Ethiopian) soda bread, and hamburger buns. Those things can stay frozen until the power goes out, and then will keep in a cooler for days.

One of the surprising things I discovered during Hurricane Wilma in 2005 was that after the storm is over, you are likely to gain weight. That year we had all sorts of food we didn’t want to spoil, so we ate bacon cheeseburgers for days. Oh, they were tasty… This year, who knows? Maybe I’ll get inspired by our pantry and come up with a 2008 hurricane delicacy.

But maybe, just maybe, Ike will take a detour back out into the Atlantic and not bother anyone. We’ll see.

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