Gluten-Free Dining Card Giveaway – Update

Triumph Dining was giving away free American Cuisine Dining Cards in the month of August. Their goal was to give away 15,000 cards. Then they were going to give $10,000 to a celiac-related charity.

It’s hard to believe, but there weren’t 15,000 people that wanted free dining cards. Really?!? Okay, they weren’t totally free, you had to pay $.70 shipping. Seventy Cents. I already have a full set of their dining cards, and I ordered one, parting with my hard-earned Seventy Cents, to support the cause, as well as get a spare card, because these things are wonderful.

Okay, so 15,000 people didn’t show up, but 1500 did. So Triumph Dining is graciously donating $1000 to a celiac-related charity of your choice. You get to decide. Yes, you! Even if you didn’t order the dang card.

I still can’t believe 15,000 people didn’t want a Seventy Cent card. (Sheesh!)

Rant over, I promise. Here’s where you go to vote for your favorite charity. Vote early, vote often, just vote by October 15.

Again, that website is Tell your friends!

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