Product Review – Authentic Foods Pancake & Baking Mix

I received a sample package of Authentic Foods brand Pancake & Baking Mix at a recent celiac support group meeting. After looking at the ingredients and determining it would not be in my best interest to eat it, I tossed it in the cupboard in case David wanted to try it. Today he dug it out and made himself pancakes for lunch, while I enjoyed left-over Lazy Quiche (recipe coming soon).

Product: Authentic Foods Pancake & Baking Mix

Method: David tried the pancake recipe on the back. He added eggs, milk, oil and sugar to the mix. Some mix! It would seem the only thing in the package is flour, salt, and baking powder. Oh, and according to the package, vanilla and xanthan gum. Might as well make pancakes from scratch.

Can Li eat it? No, it contains garfava flour (garbanzo and fava beans), and I still have this pesky legume intolerance. In the name of science, I did try a teeny, tiny bite.

Taste: On a scale of 1 to 10, a 4 according to David. Based on my nibble, I thought he was being generous.

Would we recommend it: No.

Commentary: David loves pancakes. Before he tried these, he was of the opinion that it was hard to make a bad pancake. He ate a plate of these, and threw away the leftovers. He said that these might be palatable if you add a lot more sugar to the mix than the recipe calls for, and they definitely needed to be cooked to a dark brown crispiness. He drenched them in syrup, and still couldn’t get rid of the bean taste. Even now, hours later, the kitchen smells like we’re soaking dried garbanzo beans.

What do we recommend instead? This was our first (and last) experiment with garfava flour. We will be sticking with our trusty pancake recipe found at the recipe exchange of the Gluten Intolerance Group website. Try their waffles, too. Or any of their baked goods. Use your favorite gluten-free flour blend. Here’s mine.

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