Caveat Emptor

I just read on a celiac message board that IHOP puts pancake batter in their omelettes. No way! Who would do that? I’ve never heard of doing that. Alton Brown didn’t mention that on Good Eats. My Joy of Cooking says nothing about wheat or pancake batter in omelettes. This had to be an urban legend.

So I went to IHOP’s website, and yes, actually, they admit they do. According to their site, and printed on their menus, “Our hearty pancakes are made with a splash of our famous buttermilk and wheat pancake batter for extra fluffiness…”

How long has this been going on? It’s been a few years since I’ve been to an IHOP, and I definitely didn’t know I had celiac disease at the time, but I’m sure I would have noticed such a thing on their menu. The menu disclaimer must be fairly recent, but have they always been adding batter to their omelettes? How many celiacs, gluten-intolerants, and wheat allergics have been zapped by IHOP?

This is a very good example of why those of us with food issues ALWAYS have to state them up front before ordering. Never, ever assume that a food will be safe. Just because grandma didn’t cook it that way, doesn’t mean some restaurant won’t try it.

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