They’re baaaack…

The bosses (aka Bob & Sheila) got back from a 10 day vacation on Wednesday. Don’t get me wrong, they are nice, generous people. I adore them. But golly, it was nice while they were gone!

They are involved in a million causes (charities) and each charity must contact each of them roughly 3 times a day. So that’s one million, times 3, times 2, which comes out to 6 million phone calls a day. Okay, I’m exaggerating, but only slightly.

Then there are the charity jobs. I work in a print shop. We print stuff. While the bosses were gone, we printed stuff for paying customers. We made a lot of money. Now that they are back, we are printing stuff for free for charities. For free. For no money. Around the paying jobs. But the charity jobs are important too. So while the bosses are around, we get a certain amount of phone calls from irate paying customers, wondering what’s taking so long with their business cards. “Gee, Mr. Paying Customer, I’m sorry, but the free brochures for Save the Widgets took a lot longer than we thought to proof (because evidently beggars can be choosers) so we haven’t started on your cards yet.”

Hey, bosses, got your next trip picked out yet? Jus’ kidding…

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