Glazed Radishes???

Yesterday I looked in the fridge, and there they were. On the top shelf, way in the back, a bag of radishes. I vaguely remembered David picking them up quite some time ago, wanting them for a salad. He used two of them.

You may know that I abhor wastefulness, so rather than just pitching them and going on with my life, I pulled them out, threw out a couple that were past their prime, cleaned the rest, and went searching for a recipe. I needed to cook them, because when we had them the last time, I had a reaction. I figured it was just difficulty digesting a raw veggie, so I was game to try again. After thumbing through my beloved Joy of Cooking and searching a few recipe websites, I settled on this recipe for glazed radishes at the Food Network website.

They were odd looking, suspicious smelling, and surprisingly tasty! Honestly, I expected I would throw them out after tasting, but dang! Glazed radishes are good! Who knew! I can’t even describe the flavor, because everything I come up with sounds awful. Just trust me, they are worth trying.

Alas, I won’t be having them again for a long time, if ever, because I reacted to them. I guess it wasn’t the lack of cooking that got me the first time, after all. Dang.

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